Interning at Wild Apple Design

In the summer before going into my third year of universtiy, I had the opporunity to be an intern at Wild Apple Design from June to September.

This internship was a real eye opener for me in the best way possible, it allowed me to gain a strong insight into the world of graphic design beyond studying the course; with this being possible through being given the opportunity to work with the company’s clients, on live briefs and projects which was the most exciting part! Even on my first day in the studio I was thrown into the deep end within an hour, where I was briefed with a live project that I would be working on for the day, and what I would doing for the rest of the week; the quick turnaround of deadlines for projects was very different to university work thus far, but it allowed me to adapt the way I design and solve problems to become more efficient and productive with my time.

The relaxed environment at Wild Apple really helped me focus on what was important, that being developing my skills as both a designer and a professiainal that would help me further my career.

To wrap things up, the experience I had at Wild Apple Design was extremely valuable for me, and I would highly recommend to anyone to take up an internship, even if it’s just for a week. I learnt so much about both graphic design, and myself and I look forward to using my new skills and confidence in the future.